What are billable/non-billable hours?

All hours reported by members of your organization can be differentiated as billable and non-billable.

Billable hours are those included in customer invoices and refer to pure project work.

Non-billable time is usually spent on internal meetings, calls or emails, overcoming miscommunication, or things like fixing bugs, code refactoring and code review, etc.

You can differentiate Billable/Non-billable hours by choosing the corresponding option for every project you have. Go to your Profile, select the project you need and  choose Settings/Edit. By checking/unchecking "This project is billable" you decide if all hours tracked with its mention will automatically be classified as billable as well.

Note: setting the Billable/Non-billable parameter for projects is available for admins only.

Billable vs Non-billable time ratio will be available on the organization dashboard.

Besides, you can always differentiate hours worked right on the invoice when creating it via Xero.

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