Everhour syntax

Everhour provides easy and handy "scripting" language. You enter all necessary data in a single line.

Symbol / word





Refer to projects


@coca-cola Client meeting 2hrs


Tag specific activities

#workshop, #meeting

@coca-cola Client meeting #meetings 1hr

Refer to a 3d party task by its number or title (filtered by project)


Profile page design @coca-cola Issue #125


Refer dates

for yesterday,

for tomorrow

for last Friday

for next Monday

for 11 December

#meeting with @coca-cola for yesterday 30m

from, till

Specify time intervals

(duration calculated automatically)

from 11:15 till 14:20

from 2pm till 5 pm

@coca-cola Client meeting for yesterday from 11:15 till 11:45 #meetings

hrs, min

Specify the exact time spent; spelling may vary: h, hrs, hr or min, mins, m

2h, 2hr, 30min

@coca-cola Client meeting 3h 10min

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