What is a project?

Projects is where you and your team track time. This is a building block of reports, filtering and invoicing. Projects can be personal or organisational. In the last case, multiple users can see and report time into a single space.

We recommend to start by creating all necessary projects and track all time ONLY into them. 
@mention is the way to refer to a project, its unique short identification. Mention can not exist without a project and vice versa.


Private (personal) projects are projects created by you and solely for individual usage. No one else can see its time entries.

Organizational projects aimed for team work. They requires organization to be created first, then administrator creates projects and assign members. Ordinary member of the organization can track time in assigned projects and see them in personal report. Administrator of the organization, sees the time of all its members.

In both cases, everyone can edit only their own time. Administrator cannot add or change a record of his team members.

Closing a project

Closing a project means that any further work on it suspended or completed. The project will be transferred from “my projects” list to a separate page. From this moment, no one can report time into it. Any project can be activated again.

Delete a project

If you delete a private project, it permanently removes all time entries made to it.

If the administrator removes organizational project with no records of other team members, the project is permanently removed for everyone plus any time records made by admin are also deleted.

If the administrator removes organizational project with some data of other members, his personal data will be permanently deleted, while history remains for others. The project will be closed, but members can still see their own time entries under personal reports.

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