GitHub integration

Everhour help teams to measure time spent on GitHub issues. Refer to your tasks when creating a new time entry and generate detailed time reports. Explore hours spent on issues by any team member, label or milestone.

Signup with GitHub

The simplest way. Click "Signup with GitHub" on our integration details page and the app will automatically create all necessary projects (could take a minute or two) so that you can time track every issue in each repository. 

Signup (regular email)

Upon signup, you see Everhour setup wizard which helps to set up an account in more advanced way. The principal step here is to connect necessary repositories to respective projects in Everhour. Only this way Everhour knows what tasks you have in Github, what repositories they belong to, what is their numbers, url etc.

Connecting a repository anytime

New repositories created in GitHub does not automatically show up in Everhour. You have to manually connect them. But we are going to significantly improve and automate our sync very soon - subscribe for updates. 
To sync a new repository with Everhour, you only need to:
  • Go to Settings > Set up a new project 
  • Click “Connect with GitHub
  • Choose a repository to sync with

After you click “Save”, the project will be queued for synchronization which might initially take about 15 minutes.  

Track time at Everhour side

As soon as the initial synchronization is done, you will be able to refer to GitHub issues via their titles or numbers when creating a new entry, e.g. @project #110.

Starting typing a title, you’ll be immediately provided with a list of relevant task suggestions featuring their names, milestones and statuses.

This way especially useful to quickly report missed timesheets post factum. Or in case you have someone in your team who do not have tasks in GitHub but still need to report time.

Invite teammates

To invite a team member, go to organisation details. The person you add will get an email notification with the account login & password.

Browser toolbar plugin

After the extension installation, your browser toolbar will include a timer icon that opens a plugin window

Embed timer

Everhour plugin enhances GitHub with the following functionality:

  • An issue with the timer on is highlighted on the list
  • Start/Stop/Continue buttons are added to issue details page
  • The total time spent on the issue is shown


If and when you need more details, you go to Everhour reports.  30+ combination of reports available there.

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