What is a Calendar Report?

Each Everhour organization has a dedicated calendar. It’s handy when you need one of the following:

- manage your team’s vacations, days off, sick days
- plan vacations in advance to avoid overlaps with others
- come up with a way for people to check on their schedule any time
- inform employees about their teammates’ absence from work

Month view

Once you access the calendar, you’ll get a monthly view of all team events. Simply navigate between past and future events or create one yourself by clicking a specific day space. To find more about an event, click it and see the details.

Editing is available only for organization admins, members can just look through the calendar.


Calendar Reports are available for organizations only and provide information on days off, holidays, vacations and sick days within a certain period of time.

With the Arrange by option, you can set member/calendar (event type)/day/week/month as the highest arrangement level for time data. 

Aggregation options available are by member/day/week/month/comment or none for seeing total hours for each time off type within the selected time span. 

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