Asana integration

All embedding functionality is handled by our browser extension, so it should be installed!!
Looking little bit ahead, Everhour integration supplements Asana with the following extra functionality:

1. time tracking via embed timer or manual entry

2. total time label shows up as soon as you or someone from your team log something into a task. Very convenient to see without going to reports every time

3. current timer (in red) shows time you personally reported today. It’s added to overall time and will be zeroed next day
4. estimates & remaining time

At the same time, you can also time track existing tasks or just record extra activities on everhour /track page

By simply using project @mention + start typing a task title, you’ll see a “suggest list” of relevant tasks. Select one and it will be pre-filled into the input field

It’s especially useful to quickly report missed timesheets post factum. Or in case you have someone in your team who do not have tasks in Asana but still need to report time.

How to set up?

Your first step is to synchronize project(-s). Only this way Everhour knows what tasks you have in Asana, what projects they belong to, what is their number, url etc.

Over signup process, below is beautifully handled by our setup wizard. You might want to skip this step, but we highly recommend continue as here you can import your existing projects and members really fast.

But you can always go to Settings page, click Set up a new project, and select “Asana”. After authorization, you’ll see a dropdown list with available projects/teams to sync with.

It shows you all Teams and Projects you have under your Asana account.

Important! There are 2 ways to synchronize

project-to-team sync

The easiest and most convenient way. You don’t necessarily have to replicate existing structure and maintain a large number of standalone projects (i.e. @everhour-mockups ⇔ Mokups, @everhour-redesign ⇔ ReDesign,...), just one.

With such approach, new projects created in selected Asana team will be synched to Everhour automatically. You still can see time distribution between different Asana projects, while they just internally called iterations.

Go to Reports, select Arrange by = Iteration.

project-to-project sync

With such approach, Everhour only syncs tasks that belong to ONE, selected project.

If you have 10 Asana projects but synched only 1 eg. @everhour-mockups ⇔ Mockups, you won’t be able to track time into tasks from other projects. They won't have any embed functionality.  
New projects added to Asana does not automatically show up in Everhour. You have to manually connect them.

Other tips & tricks

Except for embedding start/stop button to each task, you could also track time via popup window.

If you trigger extension window when browsing a synched project, its mention will be already prefilled in input field. Furthermore, if a particular task page is open, both @mention + task# will be prefilled.

Say you want to track something you don’t have a task for. e.g. Meeting. You could either go to everhour /track page to record activity, or use this window.

Start/stop timer button copies task title. But what if you want to be more specific, explain in details what exactly you are doing? You find your task, open extension window and type comment. Project @ + task # is enough to refer to a task.

Moreover, this way you could add time post factum. Say you was on a meeting and forgot to start timer. Getting back you could trigger extension window and type something like:

@sample Team meeting 30min

Or say you want timer to start from some value e.g. 15 mins ‘cause again, you was working on a task for a while and forgot to start timer

@sample #13 Doing something 15min

New entry will be listed in extension window history. Now you can click on it and thus continue timer from 00:15:00

Last but not least is that the red timer icon indicates that timer is currently running, in case you forgot.  

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