Trello integration

Everhour help teams to measure time spent on Trello cards. Refer to your tasks when creating a new time entry and generate detailed time reports. Explore hours spent on cards by any team member, tag or list.

Embed timer

Besides providing a timer icon on the Chrome toolbar, the Everhour plugin enhances a Trello with the following functionality:
  1. A card with the timer on is highlighted on the list
  2. Start/Stop/Continue buttons are added to a card details popup
  3. The running timer status is displayed
  4. The total time spent on the card is shown

Connect Everhour projects with Trello

To sync a new or existing project with your Trello account, you only need to:
  1. Go to Settings > Add/Edit project form
  2. Click “Connect with Trello” button
  3. Choose a board to sync with

Refer to your cards when creating a new time entry

As soon as the initial synchronization is done, you will be able to refer to Trello cards via their titles or numbers when creating a new entry, e.g. @project #110.

Starting typing a title, you’ll be immediately provided with a list of card suggestions featuring their names and statuses.


Go through to-do analytics

Multiple team members can participate in a task and track time for it, e.g.
  • Mike: @proj #23 provide all screenshots 25 min
  • Alex: @proj #23 blog post draft 2hr
  • Paul: @proj #23 Mailchimp campaign 15min
Sometimes tasks could be reopened several times or distributed over time requiring minimal but long-term involvement of team members. In such a case, hours reported during a specific day or week don’t show the complete picture of efforts spent on the task. And that’s exactly when the report by task comes in especially handy.

The report by task helps you better analyze time spent by your team on Trello activities. You get to see not just total hours spent but also who has participated in a certain task. If needed, you may analyze all the sub-activities for a specific Trello task through comments left by the team members (see the “Aggregate by” option).

Analyze Trello dashboard

Check Projects Dashboard to get extra stats on Trello tasks:
  1. key cards: check top cards in terms of hours reported;
  2. distribution by member: get to know who has contributed to tasks the most;
  3. distribution by list: see how much time your team has contributed to a certain list during a selected period of time;
  4. distribution by label: view hours spent on cards with specific labels, e.g. those of high vs. low priority, bugs vs. features, etc;
  5. distribution by status: this widget shows time allocation between open, completed, new cards;
  6. distribution by due date: see hours allocation between scheduled, unscheduled, ontime cards;

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