What is a Report by Date?

This report features a time interval as the highest classification level and gives an insight into What has been done during a certain period of time?
  • Arrange by option defines the way in which your data is displayed at the highest level: Day, Week, Month
  • With Aggregate by, you choose a second-level criterion for further breaking down time data: Project, Task, Status, Type, Label, Iteration, Tag, Member, Comment, Client, None
  • Sort by specifies whether entries are listed alphabetically according to the selected aggregation or based on logged hours in descending order.

 weekly arrangement + Pivotal Tracker integration will be used as an example for the screenshots in this section 

What does each combination stand for?

Week x Task

A list of tasks the team worked on during each week of the period and time spent on them.

Week x Status

Time allocated to tasks with different statuses during each week.  
Ex: out of all the time logged this week, the team has spent 22h on Open tasks and 4h on Delivered. 

Week x Type

How much time the team dedicated to different types of tasks each week. 
Ex: out of 26h logged this week only 8h - on features.

Week x Label

Time a week spent on tasks with specific labels. 
Ex: admin - 8h, deployment - 3h

Week x Tags

Hours logged weekly on activities marked with certain tags 
Ex: #development, #pm, #meeting (tags are mostly used for tracking hours directly from Everhour but they are available in the built-in timer as well)

Week x Member

Weekly time commitment of every team member. See whether people have worked overtime or forgotten to track hours.

Week x Project

How much time every project consumed during each week of the selected period

Week x Comment

All hours logged weekly including both project tasks and entries without task references. These kinds of activities still relate to project time but stories aren’t generally created for them in Pivotal Tracker

Week x Client

Weekly time dedicated to different clients. (Clients refer to combination of several projects)

Week x None

Just total time reported weekly without any additional details. 
Ex: week 1 - 80h, week 2 - 90h, etc.

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