What is a Report by Member?

With a member being the highest classification level, this report shows What a person has been involved into.
  • Naturally, this type of report excludes the Arrange by option since data is displayed by team members anyway
  • With Aggregate by, you choose a second-level criterion for further breaking down time data: Project, Task, Status, Type, Label, Iteration, Tag, Member, Comment, Client, None

 Pivotal Tracker integration will be used as an example for the screenshots in this section 

What does each combination stand for?

Member x Tag

Each team member’s hours spent on activities with different tags.
Ex. Yury: #development = 18h, #meeting = 1h  Artem: #qa = 11h, #meeting = 1h etc.

Member x Task

Tasks each team member worked on during the chosen time span

Member x Status

How a team member’s time was distributed among tasks with different statuses. 
Ex: out of 36h logged this month, Yury has spent 21h on Open tasks which means he hasn’t submitted them for review.

Member x Type

Team members’ time dedicated to different task types. 
Ex: out of 36h total, Yury has spent 20h on chore while Ivan dedicated most of them to features

Member x Label

A team member’s time commitment to tasks with certain labels. 
Ex: Yury - checkout (18h), shopping (18h); Artem -  admin (7h), shopping (3h); Ivan - admin (17h) etc.

Member x Week

Each team member’s time reported weekly. Comes in handy for a monthly analysis. 

Member x Day

Each person’s hours logged daily during the selected period.
Comes in handy for a weekly analysis, e.g. Yury has spent 4h on Monday, 8h on Tuesday and 6h on Wednesday.

Member x Month

Each team member's monthly hours. 

Member x Iteration

Team members’ time contribution to every project iteration.

Member x Project

Projects each team member was involved into during the selected period & time spent on them.

Member x Comment

All time entries, both with and without task references, created by each team member during the selected period.  
Ex: developers will have their time spent on specific project tasks (with references) while a PM, for example, may devote more hours to organizational and planning activities that are logged in as plain comments (without task references).

Member x Client

A team member’s time allocation among different clients.

Member x None

Total hours spent by each person during the selected time span.  
Ex: Yury (40h); Ivan (36h) etc.

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