What is a Report by Project?

This report has, by default, a project name as the highest classification level and informs on What has been done within a project, and thus is especially helpful when working on a few of them. 
  • Aggregate by: Member, Task, Status, Type, Label, Iteration, Tag, Day, Week, Month, Comment, None
  • Due to the specifics of this report type, the Arrange by menu includes additional options (besides the default Project) : Client, Status, Type, Label, Iteration
Note: Pivotal Tracker integration will be used as an example for the screenshots in this section 

What does each combination stand for?

Project x Member

Who contributed time to each of the projects during the selected period. 

Project x Status

Time spent on tasks with different statuses within each project.  
Ex: for @pvt-sample, 45h have been spent on Completed tasks while for @pvt-sample2, 36h have been spent on tasks from Backlog.

Project x Type

Hours contributed to different task types within each project.
Ex: for @pvt-sample, 26h have been logged on chore, and for @pvt-sample2, almost the same amount of time has been spent on features.

Project x Label

Time logged on tasks with different labels within each project. 

Project x Iteration

Time spent by the team on each project iteration during the selected period.

Project x None

Total hours logged on each project during the chosen time span. 

Client x Member

Which team members contributed time to each client. In case you work on a lot of micro projects, a more important thing to know may be time spent on each client as opposed to each project since different clients, for example, might have different payment schemes/conditions.

Client x Task

A list of all project tasks for each client and time spent on them during the selected period.

Type x Member

Who dedicated time to different task types: bugs, chore, feature etc.

Type x Task

A list of project activities within different task types and time spent on them.

Type x Label

Time distribution among labeled activities within different task types. 

Label x Iteration

The team’s time in project iterations dedicated to activities with specific labels.

Iteration x Member

Team members’ time contribution during each project iteration. 

Iteration x Type

Hours dedicated to specific task types during each project iteration.

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