What is a Report by Task?

Though quite similar to the report by project, this kind of report allows to apply aggregation options to each task individually as opposed to the whole list of entries. Click any line to view the details.

Note: Pivotal Tracker integration will be used as an example for the screenshots in this section 

What does each combination stand for?

Project x Member

Who contributed time to a certain task during the selected period.
Ex: out of 14h logged for the task, Yury has contributed 2h and Mike - 12h.

Project x Day

Specific dates on which the team worked on a particular task and hours spent on each of the days.

Project x Tag

Each task time distribution among different tagged activities.  
Ex: out of 10h logged for the task, 5h have been spent on #qa and another 5h - to #development

Iteration x Member

Who contributed time to a chosen task within a particular project iteration. 

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