Getting started with Everhour

Everhour integrates with your favourite project management tool and lets you track time right there. No more need to manually copy-paste activity titles from 3d party tools, no more duplicating entries. Our integrations include: Pivotal, Asana, GitHub, Trello and Basecamp.

How to get started?

Upon signup, you will see Everhour setup wizard, which helps you quickly invite members, set up projects and integrationsYou can skip this step and set up your options later. But we highly recommend using Setup Wizard in the very beginning as its the only way to import projects/members in bulk.

Note: There is no way to trigger same wizard from UI. In case you occasionally closed it, email us - - and we will help. 

Lets quickly go through major everhour entities.

Everhour organisation (Team)

Organisation in Everhour aimed to organise your team. You can invite members and collaborate on the same projects only inside an Organisation.

Everhour project

Projects is where you and your team track time. This is a building block of reports, filtering and invoicing. Projects can be personal (private) or organisational (team). In the last case, multiple users can see and report time into a single space. Your team
 will never see time entries, if they are not referring to appropriate organisational projects.

We recommend to start by creating all necessary projects and track all time ONLY into them. 

Everhour mention

@mention is the way to refer to a project, its unique short identification. Mention can not exist without a project and vice versa.


Everhour task

#Task is a to-do item that always come from a 3d party tool and help to aggregate multiple time entries under a single line. Each task consists of a number and title. Additionally we sync and use in reports such meta information as labels (tags), due date, milestone name, status etc.

#13 Set up product backlog
- (MON): #13 Set up product backlog 3h (John)
- (TUE): #13 Set up product backlog 2h (John)
- (TUE): #13 Set up product backlog 1h (Alice)
Total: 6h; Alice: 1h; John: 5h

Everhour tag

#Tag is the way of categorizing time entries by type. Tag is created with its first usage. It starts with “#” character and followed by a letter, opposed to the task which starts with “#” and followed by a number.

Tags used with personal projects considered as private, while tags used with organizational projects are general and available for all projects and members inside organization they were first used.  

#13 Set up product backlog
- (MON): #13 Installing Wordpress #setup 1h (John)
- (MON): #13 Choosing and setting up a theme #design 2h (John)
- (TUE): #13 Installing required plugins #setup 2h (John)
- (TUE): #13 Welcome post 1h #content (Alice)
Total: 6h; #setup 3h; #design: 2h; #content: 1h;

Everhour integration

Integration feature makes it possible to time track tasks from 3rd party tools. As soon as you link everhour project with an external project, system sync its tasks and their meta information. Upon that,

- you can refer tasks on everhour /track page;
- everhour browser extension embeds timer button inside a 3rd party tool

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