Everhour setup wizard

In the process of registration you will be prompt to go on with Setup Wizard. You might want to skip this step, but we highly recommend continue as here you can import your existing projects and members really fast.
Our video showcase Asana, but the flow is almost identical for the other integrations.

How it works

1. Input your name, upload avatar & choose the account type (next wizard steps depends on it)

2. If organization, choose one of available integrations for importing your data

2.1. Click to authorize  (Asana used for screenshots below)
2.2. Select “team” (in other tools it’s called “organization” or ”workspace”)

Asana projects are organized by team. You can repeatedly get back to this step in order to import more projects from different teams.

2.3 Name your organization (or select existing) & check which projects you’d like to synchronize with.

If you use Asana, it’s possible  to connect 1 Everhour project with the entire team/workspace. Read more on a dedicated integration page.  

2.4 Select members you’d like to invite to Everhour.

Due to privacy settings, some tools may not return email addresses. In such a case you’ll see empty fields and have to enter emails manually.

Selected members will be added to your Everhour organization and assigned to the same projects they were in Asana (and other tools). Each member receives a notification email that he was added into Everhour organization and his login credentials.

This step is optional, you can add members afterwards, e.g. if you need to test system yourself first. But it’s less convenient, ‘cause afterwards you’ll have to invite members & set projects assignment manually 

Now you can finish setup by clicking “I’m done” or import more projects from different teams or even different 3d party tools by clicking “Save & import more”.

3. If you are individual, from Step 1 you’ll be transferred directly to the last, asking to create projects. And that’s basically it.

4. If you click “Create organization manually” in Step 2, you’ll be prompted to name organization and manually add your teammates. Afterwards, redirected to the last step of adding projects.

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