Tracking from Everhour website

/track page is where you can report time, see the log for your current week as well as edit entries.


One of the unique features of Everhour is tracking time in a “free-text” format using various special characters and constructions. People say if you can Tweet, you can Everhour :)

If you type @, you’ll see the autocomplete list of available projects (everhour key building blocks). Adding more characters will make them update. Items arranged by last time there were used. Most recent on top.  

It is not prohibited to enter time without projects. However, most of the key Everhour features are based on them. For instance organization admin will never see your time entries, if they are not referring to appropriate organizational projects.

If you type #, you can add a tag, or refer to an external task.

By using a special word for, you can create a time entry on a specific date: for yesterday, for Friday, for May 02

To add time, use one of the following variations: 15 mins, 2h, 5hrs 15m

All special words are recognized and highlighted while you type. Otherwise means it was a mistake.


Todo block aimed to be kind of reminder. Either you created something to work on the next few days or you may have past entries without any time.

My week entries

This block displays your current week entries. Double click any line to edit. Track button allows you to enter time manually. Timer icon on line hover allows you start activity.

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