Why can't I see my tags?

Tags in Everhour <> tags in external tools such as Asana, Trello, Pivotal or GitHub
Lets say you are using one of above integrations and have certain tags assigned to the tasks.

If you open "Report by Task", you'll see your external tags inline with task titles and formatted as “#tag-name”.

Although they look like tags, these tags are not treated as tags when looking at the “Report by Tag” section, or doing any data slicing that involves tags.


In addition to synchronizing meta information from external tools (such as tags, project names, due dates, milestones), Everhour allows to append each time entry with an internal tag - piece of description.

This is quite old functionality and was designed to those who use internal projects and do not integrate with any third-party tools (with its own tags).

External tags are called "labels". 

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