I am all set up, but I don’t see the embedded timer buttons

The most common reason behind that could be that you did not install our browser extension, you may find it here (for Chrome browsers, but extension is available for Safari and Firefox as well). Also, please make sure you have logged in to the extension with your Everhour credentials that you initially used to sign up (you might have used your Google account), as you need to be authorized be sync the projects between Everhour and your system.

If you did all mentioned above, please log in to your Everhour account and then open “Settings”. After that click on the gear icon near your project and choose “Edit”.

  Once you get to your project details, you need to check if you chose the right project to sync from your management tool. Those projects that are not synced with Everhour will not display timer. Even if you synced a project but don’t have any current tasks for that project in your management tool, you will not see timer until you add at least one of the projects.

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