Why Everhour

Below is a summary of the key benefits of using Everhour.

1. Everhour gives more than just a synchronization with your favourite app (Asana, Trello, Pivotal, Basecamp, Github and more to come). We integrate directly into a 3d party interface to look and feel natively. The reported time label sits next to every task title showing how much time everyone contributed without making any reports.

2. All tasks can be estimated now, so you not only see the time spent, but also the remaining hours. This is very helpful to keep the team up to date on project progress.

3. Basically your team don’t need to get used to one more app, they just keep using their regular management tool and report time right there.

4. Filling timesheets, you don’t need to copy/paste titles from your management tool. With Everhour you can simply refer to your external tasks.

5. All reports have a broad filter of parameters, that you need to get the best data insight of your workload.

6. All reports can be exported into CSV, Google Drive or Excel. Share them within the team or include into your invoices.

7. Our company mind is set on constant improvement. You are always free to reach out with your ideas and suggestions on how to make Everhour a better and more convenient tool. We promise that every piece of feedback will be addressed.

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