Step-by-step account setup

To facilitate setup process, the first thing you're going to see is a wizard window which prime purpose is to ease the creation of projects, members and installing browser extension.

You might want to take a look at this short video where we showcase how to integrate Everhour with Asana.

Let’s go step by step through the account setup:

Step 1.We will ask to give your name, account type (next we suggest that you chose to set a team account) and avatar.

Step 2. We will ask which management tool to integrate with in order to let you import projects and invite team members.

Step 3. You pick up a specific team (in case you have more than one), after that choose specific projects and members to import. You can repeatedly get back to choose projects for different teams or different apps.

If using Asana, you can integrate each project separately or you can integrate the whole team with a single project in Everhour.

At the moment we can’t sync newly created projects from your Asana team, you have to manually add them. This is to be fixed in our new product version coming mid-summer.

Step 4. This is highly important to install our browser extension and authorize there if you want to see the timer button into your Asana interface.

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