Quick UI tour

There are 4 main pages in Everhour you should know about: 

1) Time Tracking - quick and easy way to track and edit time plus personal history for the past 7 days.

2) Reports - they are divided into Personal and Team reports. Personal reports show individual tasks and projects and available for regular members, Team reports show time spend by everyone in the team (visible to admins only). 

3) History - is your personal entire data log. You can filter and search for time entries, as well as edit reported hours by double clicking on the time entry.

4) Settings - have some important sections on the left sidebar:

4.1) Profile settings allows to change name, add avatar, choose the first day of week, set time display format, time rounding, get API key to log in to browser extension. However, you have to contact us if you wish to change your email;

4.2) Projects tab show those projects that you have access to track time and if they are integrated with external tools;

4.3) Billing page is accessible only to account owners - those who created your Everhour account - and contains subscription information and your plan invoice history;

4.4) Team page allows all admins to see the team profile:

- Team settings give the option to rename your organization and lock edit of time entry for regular members - Members is a list of teammates who could report time working on team projects. You can also add here a new team member - Projects show all projects available to the team, you can edit them here by clicking on a gear icon - Clients tab allows you to add a client to your project to generate reports to see how much time you spent working on projects from a  particular client.

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