3 Ways to track time

Everhour allows you track time in several ways

1. To track time through Everhour website.

You can track time on the Time Tracking page by typing names of your projects and tasks into the search field. This is especially convenient when you need to report time retrospectively for several tasks, for different dates and from different projects.

  • To find a project into your management tool, you should use @ before typing its name. Ex: @custdev, @development

  • Then you should type the name of your task. If you start typing its name, you will see the dropdown list with relevant tasks, or you can use # and then type the number of the task in external system. Ex:

  • You can also enter the time you have already spent on a task. To do that, type the number of hours after the task name. Ex: @support #2 helping customers 2h. The time will be saved for today by default, however, you can specify the time range by adding for after hours. Ex: @support #2 helping customers 2h for yesterday. To see all charters, please go here

2. In app time tracking

Allows you to track time right into your management tool without switching between different tabs. You should install our browser extension for that and integrate your projects with Everhour.

  • Embeds timer button on tasks. Click on it to start reporting your time

  • Shows total time label as soon as you or someone from your team log something into a task. Very convenient to see without going to reports every time;

  • Sets up estimates for your tasks and see remaining time.

See more details about each integration here: Asana, Trello, Pivotal, Basecamp, Github

3. Time tracking through browser extension

This way saves your time when you surf Internet pages and don’t want to visit Time Tracking page in Everhour or visit your management tool to find a particular task.

Besides, that’s really helpful if you do some tasks simultaneously and constantly have to switch between them.

To use this method, just click on an extension icon on the toolbar and use the same characters we talked in the previous paragraph.

Last but not least is that the red timer icon indicates that timer is currently running, in case you forgot.

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