Reporting basics

Everhour provides you with a range of reports focused on specific type of data you want to see. You can find them on the left sidebar.

1) Dashboard - overall team health:

  • A line that displays the total time spent on projects;

  • Below is the table with key activities for selected period with some details;

  • At the bottom you can see tracked hours for each teammate (red color time stands for time reported more than 8 hours a day);

  • On the right  there is a chart that shows billable vs. non-billable hours.

2) By Date - if you wish to put the selected time period as the key parameter;

3) By Project - shows the time allocated on different projects;

4) By Member - shows the time of each of your teammate;

5) By Task - displays the hours spent on each task within project (click on the task to see more details);

6) By Tag - cut time by internal tags that you may add to your time entries. Please be aware that they are not connected with your tags in external systems. They are just part of time entry text;

7) Project Dashboard gives the specifics:

  • Key project tasks;

  • Time of each teammate spent on project tasks;

  • Project time by Iteration/milestone;

  • Type of tasks in your project (ex:  in Pivotal you have Bug, Feature, Chore, Epic);

  • Task time with Tags from external systems (that you apply in Asana for example);

  • Current status of tasks.

Each type of report has options to arrange, aggregate and sort data by different criteria to give you more insight into your time. You can see these fields right to the name of report type.

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